The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

A short and simple book to effective thinking, with examples and how-tos. My personal favorite. ***   Who needs to read this book? University students in any years, job seekers, and basically everyone who wants to be a better thinker. What did it tell me? The geniuses of the world are not a special breed - … Continue reading The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

First Challenger’s Credo, Intelligent Naivety

I bought Eating the Big Fish book from a discounted shelf at American Book Store. This book was on my e-reader, unfortunately, my conventional senses were not stimulated by a business book on kindle. So, I started flipping pages made out of dead trees on my flight back 5 days ago. And I found this interesting … Continue reading First Challenger’s Credo, Intelligent Naivety

“Yeah, they were right”

16 things my mentors told me, and I realized those are gold after a year in Amsterdam. Plus six pieces of advice to the younger me. *** I obtained these lessons some years ago before moving to Amsterdam. After a year and a half stepping out from my routines in Jakarta, I have encountered several … Continue reading “Yeah, they were right”