Early in my career, when I had no wealth to share, I did all I could to show my affection for my commanders and my soldiers. I worked in their behalf and rejoiced in their good fortune, and I sympathized with them when they were sad. But when I became rich, I realized that no … Continue reading Kindness.



Let my readers note that there’s no great need of long speeches at critical moments. Brevity is the soul of command. I’d used fewer than a hundred words to rescue my plans from a direct assault by my uncle. Too much talking suggests desperation on the part of the leader. Speak shortly, decisively, and to … Continue reading Brevity.

The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

A short and simple book to effective thinking, with examples and how-tos. My personal favorite. ***   Who needs to read this book? University students in any years, job seekers, and basically everyone who wants to be a better thinker. What did it tell me? The geniuses of the world are not a special breed - … Continue reading The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

First Challenger’s Credo, Intelligent Naivety

I bought Eating the Big Fish book from a discounted shelf at American Book Store. This book was on my e-reader, unfortunately, my conventional senses were not stimulated by a business book on kindle. So, I started flipping pages made out of dead trees on my flight back 5 days ago. And I found this interesting … Continue reading First Challenger’s Credo, Intelligent Naivety

“Yeah, they were right”

16 things my mentors told me, and I realized those are gold after a year in Amsterdam. Plus six pieces of advice to the younger me. *** I obtained these lessons some years ago before moving to Amsterdam. After a year and a half stepping out from my routines in Jakarta, I have encountered several … Continue reading “Yeah, they were right”

13 Things I learned from Amsterdam’s Planners

*** These are the gist from informational interviews with some planners in Amsterdam. The lessons written below is not directly quoted from those planners. Each points is written according to the author's interpretations and understanding of the conversation. The Planners: Ben Armistead, Head of Planning, 180 Amsterdam Emma Wiseman, Global Planning Director, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Maximilian Weigl, … Continue reading 13 Things I learned from Amsterdam’s Planners